by Sir Peter Birkett | August 2021 | Education

The Growing Digital Dangers for Vision

Parents are growing increasingly concerned about the impact Lockdowns have had on their children’s physical health and eyesight in particular, since Covid-19 gripped the world in March 2020. Since life became more insular and children have turned to screens for both learning and socialising, reported cases of failing eyesight in children have doubled, creating what some experts describe as a potential public health crisis.

Researchers in Ireland discovered that just three hours of screen time a day increased the odds of myopia (near-sightedness) in children. In Denmark, it was found that…

SPB Commentary Series

In Discussion with Sir Peter Birkett:

Leading the Way to Excellence

Q: The world has seen many great leaders throughout history from Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill to name but a handful. What main qualities do you think made these men great leaders which transcended the differences in era and culture?

PB: These great leaders had clarity of purpose and total confidence in their own abilities to lead their people. They stood firm in a crisis — none of them were quitters! They also had the ability to put aside their own weaknesses when the situation demanded it in order to achieve their main objective.

Q: We are living in very different times to those of the leaders above. Do you think the basic tenets of great leadership have changed to accommodate the digital age?

PB: All of the leadership skills of the above still stand solid in today’s world, however, the digital age does not demand the same physical effort or sacrifice as in previous eras. Today’s leaders require mental stamina of a different…


by Sir Peter Birkett | August 2021 | Education

Carrots v Canes?

Corporal Punishment has been inflicted on children for thousands of years worldwide and opinion has always been divided as to how effective it is. To force pain and humiliation on a child in order to punish and deter behaviours is an uncomfortable concept to grasp in 2021.

Although it is no longer legal in Europe, this change in attitude has transformed the way we execute discipline in our schools, but only in relatively recent years. Whereas Poland banned corporal punishment in schools in 1783, British private schools only banned it in…

by Sir Peter Birkett | August 2021 | Education




Many studies exist on how to predict student drop-out from Colleges or University. Poor attendance, risky social behaviours, low expectations, low achievement and lack of engagement with college life are all indicators of a young person who has effectively given up on their academic future.

In Part One, we identified 8 main points which all successful students follow, so let’s now look at some other key points which will help Frame the Successful Scholar:

  1. Identify bite size short-term learning goals that link with your longer term ambitions.
  2. Regular honest…

by Sir Peter Birkett | July 2021 | Education

How To Be A Successful Student

How To Be A Successful Student


What Makes a Successful Student?

The factors which determine a successful student inside and outside of the classroom need to be identified first, and then actioned and repeated. Persistence is key here.

My thoughts on becoming a successful student:

1) Time management and Punctuality. The discipline of turning up on time demonstrates commitment to your studies. It also ensures you will take advantage of the full subject period. Setting specific times for private study, extra-curricular activities, health management and sleep are also vital for success.

2) Paying Attention/Tuning In when attending a lesson or…

Education Wealth Fund

PB: Can You Briefly Describe The EWF Vision?

The EWF is creating a national endowment fund to help comprehensive schools become the most wonderous and inspiring of all human places. Imagine our schools with life-size dinosaur skeletons, art galleries, planetariums, world-class sculpture, carbon neutrality, music events and much, much more. In order to realise this, we are building an initial endowment fund of £13m, representing just £1 for each child in the UK. Our children today must be able to play their part in becoming our greatest generation. They must become the heroes of our time.

The EWF is beginning the framework for an intergenerational approach to education…


Sir Peter Birkett & Dr Stefania Passamonte — LPMAM

PB: Please describe the LPMAM vision.

SP: LPMAM is a new International Music Conservatoire focused on Innovation, Diversity and Inclusion.

The LPMAM vision is to prepare a new, diverse generation of musicians that will shape the future of the Classical Music industry and push it into the XXI Century.

PB: Who or what inspired this ambitious concept?

SP: I am the founder of LPMAM, with over 14 years experience as Director of the awards winning music academy London Piano Masters and of the classical record label Master Chord Records, together with a life-long experience as international concert artist, music director and radio broadcaster.

While sitting at the table of the Classical Label Committee at…

by Sir Peter Birkett | June 2021 | Education



In order to gain a detailed understanding of how and why some schools seem to achieve consistently better results than others, we need to inspect the belief systems and strategies employed by top-performing schools across the globe.

However, it is also important to consider the context of culture when implementing changes to a national school system. For example, Finland has a culture of absolute trust within its education system, which does not exist in most other countries. …


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Canada is a Class-Act

Compared with the UK’s population of almost 67m, Canada sustains a population of just over 38m across its vast landscape of 10 provinces and 3 territories. It is a country which embraces values of integration and equality, particularly within its education system of which 11% of school-age children are immigrants.

So, how does Canada remain a Class-Act within the league tables of the best Educational Systems in the world?

The 10 provinces are autonomous, with very little interference from federal government as they and the 3 territories regulate their own individual standards in education. The…

Schools in the UK have been forced to close to all but children of key workers and vulnerable children for large parts of 2020 and for most of the first term of 2021, as part of the measures to attempt to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As children return to school, educational establishments need to be focusing on implementing measures to close the post-lockdown learning gap while continuing to protect and support the most vulnerable children.

Sir Peter Birkett is an ambassador of Arbor, which has published several articles aimed at supporting schools as children and staff return.

Sir Peter Birkett

Education Entrepreneur. Knighted in 2012 Queens Jubilee Honour’s.

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