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In order to gain a detailed understanding of how and why some schools seem to achieve consistently better results than others, we need to inspect the belief systems and strategies employed by top-performing schools across the globe.

However, it is also important to consider the context of culture when implementing changes to a national school system. For example, Finland has a culture of absolute trust within its education system, which does not exist in most other countries. …


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Canada is a Class-Act

Compared with the UK’s population of almost 67m, Canada sustains a population of just over 38m across its vast landscape of 10 provinces and 3 territories. It is a country which embraces values of integration and equality, particularly within its education system of which 11% of school-age children are immigrants.

So, how does Canada remain a Class-Act within the league tables of the best Educational Systems in the world?

The 10 provinces are autonomous, with very little interference from federal government as they and the 3 territories regulate their own individual standards in education. The…

Schools in the UK have been forced to close to all but children of key workers and vulnerable children for large parts of 2020 and for most of the first term of 2021, as part of the measures to attempt to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As children return to school, educational establishments need to be focusing on implementing measures to close the post-lockdown learning gap while continuing to protect and support the most vulnerable children.

Sir Peter Birkett is an ambassador of Arbor, which has published several articles aimed at supporting schools as children and staff return.

The Institute for Independent Business offers a comprehensive range of support services and business programmes to its members. The short video attachment provides a brief introduction to the Institute, known as the IIB.

Independent business owners around the world can join this professional network and access advice, training, and support from all business sectors, with professional advisors and teachers on hand to provide assistance in multiple formats.

Sir Peter Birkett is an Accredited Business Consultant with the IIB, drawing on his vast experience in the independent school sector to help other members. …

The London Performing Academy of Music, usually referred to as LPMAM, is a relatively new centre for education in classical music. As an independent international music conservatoire, LPMAM offers a high level of education in classical music for 21st century musicians.

LPMAM was established by Dr Stefania Passamonte, drawing on her years of experience as the head of London Piano Masters, an award-winning music academy that has been offering international piano masterclasses at some of Europe’s most prestigious music academies since 2008.

The unique programme for contemporary classical music focuses on bridging the gap between the real profession of a…

Sir Peter Birkett

Education Entrepreneur. Knighted in 2012 Queens Jubilee Honour’s.

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